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Mestre Suassuna

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Mestre Suassuna e MEstre Boca Rica

Mestre Suassuna e Mestre Boca Rica

“Venho de longe, venho de Itabuna …
… Jogo capoeira, meu nome é Suassuna … ”
Mestre Suassuna

Reinaldo Ramos Suassuna, Mestre Suassuna, is one of the most well known and talented names in the history of capoeira.

He began his apprenticeship as a boy in his native town of Itabuna-BA, due to a muscular problem in his legs which obliged him to practice some kind of sport.

At that time, he would join the capoeira circles in the street, where the great capoeiristas of the region were present, such as the Mestres Sururú, Bigode de Arame, Abiner, Maneca Brandão, Zóião, among others.

In search of greater knowledge, he would sometimes travel to Salvador, where he went to the most famous capoeira grounds in Bahia.

Mestres Bimba, Canjiquinha, Pastinha, Waldemar, Caiçara and others, became his reference for the development of his work. The first two, who were more eminent, would grant him a diploma in the future, recognising his work as a Mestre.

In 1965, Mestre Suassuna came to São Paulo and immediately set up the Cordão de Ouro group, which has been running for forty years.

His name is in the Hall of Fame, along with the great names of those who worked on behalf of capoeira and the capoeiristas.